The Roundabout: Weekend Edition

  • 41st Avenue, Santa Cruz

    San Diego regional planning officials are expected today to decide on the route for a new trolley extension to UCSD. Let’s compare notes, shall we? San Diego expects to build an 11-mile light rail line for $1.2 billion. San Francisco expects to spend $1.5 billion for a 1.7-mile subway to Chinatown. Who’s getting the better deal? (SignOnSanDiego)

  • As we reported yesterday, the BART Board of Directors approved a plan to advance the Oakland Airport Connector project. The OAC lost federal funding earlier this year due to violations of civil rights regulations. (More coverage: SFGate, SF Business Times)
  • A multi-vehicle accident involving a Greyhound bus en route to Madera on State Highway 99 claimed six lives early Thursday morning, including that of the bus operator. Our thoughts are with the deceased, the injured, and their families. (Fresno Bee)
  • Any “sick-out” is unorganized, according to union officials representing AC Transit operators. Still, for the forth consecutive day after an imposed contract went into effect, an unusually high number of operators called in sick. (CBS5)
  • A bike and pedestrian path being build in the North Bay alongside the tracks of the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit project might be on the chopping block. It is safe, as the Marin Independent Journal ominously notes, for now. (Independent Journal)
  • Some citizens in South Pasadena, including the former mayor, are opposed to a plan to make make a new mixed-use district downtown. They claim the increased density would strain civic services. (Pasadena Star)
  • What do you do when a popular express commuter bus line sees ridership plummet in the wake of cheap oil and fewer jobs? If you’re the Santa Barbara MTD, you give people free rides. (Daily Sound)

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