Find an Apartment Based on Your Commute with Walkscore Apartment Search

Walkscore, the website that attempts to quantify the “walkability” of streets and neighborhoods,  has introduced a new apartment search tool that makes it easy to find a home near transit. It parses Craigslist housing ads and maps them based on factors of urban livability – proximity to transit, commute time, and cost are just a few of the factors considered.

How often do you hear people say they want to find an apartment “within a 10-minute walk of the Metro” or “by a bus stop”? Now you can narrow down apartments based on this criteria.

Apartments in Los Angeles within a half-mile of a Metro Rail Red Line station.
Apartments in San Francisco within a quarter mile of a Muni Metro light rail or streetcar station.
Apartments in Sacramento within a 30 minute transit commute of the State Capitol, within a quarter mile of a RT light rail station, and with a Walkscore of 75 or higher.

Walkscore Apartment Search has lots of fun tools for transit geeks, as you can see – I had a lot of fun mapping out pads near bus or train lines. How helpful do you think this tool will be in helping you find your next urban apartment?

4 thoughts on “Find an Apartment Based on Your Commute with Walkscore Apartment Search

  1. Los Angeles Car Dealers

    My apt in W Hollywood has a score of 86… However, it takes almost half a mile just to walk to Santa Monica Blvd (main road). I guess I am super lazy; I prefer to live on the street and have everything outside my door instead of walking half a mile, so I still drive.

  2. Nor-Cal Moving Services

    Our San Jose moving company has moved thousands of apartments throughout the Bay Area – This is a great search tool that we will pass onto our mobile-using apartment moving customers. We find they mainly move to be closer to jobs, friends, restaurants, shops, public transportation and the city life – This will certainly help them to find the neighborhoods that best suit their needs in the future!

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