Find Hotels Based on Walking or Transit Travel Times With New Google Tool

A search of hotels within a 15-minute transit ride of the Moscone Center in San Francisco using Google Hotel Finder.

A new tool from Google lets users find hotels based on travel time – now it is easy to see hotels that match simple criteria such as “within a 10 minute walk of the convention center” or “no more than a 20 minute transit ride away” . This tool could disrupt the mostly complacent online travel search industry, which has failed to focus on the role transit and walkability plays in the lives of travelers visiting unfamiliar cities.

It is nowhere near as detailed as Walkscore’s Apartment Search tool, which lets you drill down Craigslist housing listings based on advanced criteria such as the proximity to specific bus lines. The interface is also somewhat clunky and Google admits the tool is currently an “experiment”, but hopefully other travel sites will feel the need to step up and offer similar functionality. Give it a try at

One thought on “Find Hotels Based on Walking or Transit Travel Times With New Google Tool

  1. Jeep Huntington Beach

    Sounds like Google is finding new ways to deliver information all the time. Since practically everyone uses the internet nowadays, the companies who will do well are the ones who are able to present data in a way that is useful and concise. Walkscore is definitely a great site for people who don’t have a car or who simply want to find an apt that is walkable.

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