Port of L.A. Red Car

When long-time Angelenos think about transit in their city, many of them bring up the Pacific Electric Red Cars – they are still some of the most iconic transit vehicles in American history. Their eventual dismantling and the rise of L.A.’s car culture has been chronicled in documentaries and in popular film.

In San Pedro, a small rolling monument to the P.E. system exists in the form of the Port of Los Angeles Waterfront Red Car line. Running on 1.5 miles of old P.E. trackage and using replica vehicles, the Waterfront Red Car goes from the San Pedro cruise ship terminal to 22nd Street Marina serving a total of four stops. Expansions of the line north and south have been discussed but none are planned at this time. The replica line began operation in 2003 and typically only operates on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.