Las Vegas High Speed Rail (planned)

Two competing plans have been proposed to provide ground passenger service between Southern California and Las Vegas – one would use traditional high speed rail technology, while the other would use maglev technology.

DesertXpress HSR – The DesertXpress plans to be funded entirely by private investors, but the organizers haven’t ruled out applying for federal loans. It would utilize off-the-shelf high speed rail technology along a 190-mile corridor between Victorville and Las Vegas. Eventually an extension would be built from Victorville to the California HSR station at Palmdale to allow for connections statewide. Total travel time would be about 80 minutes, and the system is estimated to cost $3 billion. DesertXpress is the more likely of the two proposals to move forward.

California-Nevada Interstate Maglev – This project would use magnetic levitation along a 269-mile route from Las Vegas to Anaheim, where it would connect with California HSR. It has┬áreceived┬ásome federal funds, but is unlikely to proceed at this time.