Light Rail Transit

During Q3 of 2010, average weekday ridership on California’s six light rail systems totaled over 486,900 trips. California has been a national leader in this form of transportation, and accounts for the largest state share of light rail ridership nationwide.

Systems listed in order of average weekday ridership*

Metro Rail Blue, Green, & Gold Lines (156,600) – Los Angeles County MTA

Muni Metro (153,900) – San Francisco Municipal Railway, SFMTA

San Diego Trolley (92,100) – SDMTS

RT Light Rail (44,400)- Sacramento Regional Transit District

VTA Light Rail (32,800) – Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Sprinter (7,100) – North County Transit District

Two new light rail systems are currently being planned.

SMART – Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit

Monterey Light Rail - Transportation Agency for Monterey County

*Figures from American Public Transportation Association’s Q3 2010 Ridership Report.

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