Muni Metro

Image by Flickr user aarontait. Creative Commons License.

Consisting of six primary routes both at street level and underground, Muni Metro is California’s busiest light rail system and the 2nd busiest in the nation with an estimated 153,900 riders every weekday during the third quarter of 2010. The system includes 71.5 miles of rail connecting nine subway stations, 24 major surface stations, and many other surface stops.

Muni Metro uses large grey and red LRVs manufactured by Breda. The regular adult fare is $2, which includes free transfers for at least 90 minutes to any Muni vehicle with the exception of the three cable car routes. Passengers boarding the system must present proof-of-payment if asked by a fare inspector.

Muni Metro has undergone rapid expansion in recent years with the new T-Third Street line serving the Bayview District. The next phase of expansion is the Central Subway, which will extend the T-Third Street to Chinatown underground.

Muni Metro map. Click to enlarge.


J-Church: This line serves Market Street and the Mission District, terminating at Embarcadero Station inbound and at Balboa Park Station outbound.

KT-Ingleside/Third Street: These lines have been temporarily combined until the Central Subway is complete. The T-Third Street serves the Bayview District and Mission Bay, while the K-Ingleside serves the Ingleside neighborhood via Ocean Avenue. Inbound K trains are signed as T trains in the subway; likewise, outbound T trains are signed as K in the subway. Inbound trains terminate at Sunnydale Station; outbound trains terminate at Balboa Park Station.

L-Taraval: This line serves the Sunset District via Taraval Street. Inbound trains terminate at Embarcadero Station and outbound trains terminate near the San Francisco Zoo at Wawona and 46th Avenue.

M-Ocean View: This line primarily serves the Lakeview neighborhood and San Francisco State University via 19th Avenue, Randolph, and Broad. Inbound trains terminate at Embarcadero Station and outbound trains terminate at Balboa Park Station.

N-Judah: This line, Muni’s busiest, serves the Sunset District via Judah. Outbound trains terminate near Ocean Beach at Judah and La Playa, and inbound trains terminate at 4th and King near the Caltrain Station on weekdays. On weekends and holidays, inbound trains terminate at Embarcadero Station.

S-Castro Shuttle: This line is a weekday peak-hour line operating in the Market Street Subway terminating outbound at Castro Station and inbound at Embarcadero Station. During baseball games and special events at AT&T Park, S trains can frequently be found in service terminating inbound at 4th and King Station.