L.A. Metro Rail Subway

Los Angeles Metro Rail includes three light rail lines and two subway rapid transit lines. The Red and Purple subway lines combined averaged 151,000 riders each weekday during the third quarter of 2010 on about 18 miles of track with 16 stations. The lines primarily serve the dense urban core of Downtown Los Angeles and constitute the 9th busiest heavy rail system in the country.

Like a traditional metro, all Metro Rail services charge a flat fare that is currently $1.50 for adults. Riders must present proof-of-payment to a fare inspector if asked.

Metro Rail subways use 75-foot A650 EMUs manufactured by Italian company Ansaldobreda. They typically run six car trains and they are powered by an electric third-rail.

Much of Metro Rail’s expansion focus with Measure R funds has centered on new light rail lines, but several notable plans exist for the subway system as well, including the Westside “Subway to the Sea” extension of the Purple Line.


Red Line – This line travels from downtown to North Hollywood via Mid-Wilshire and Hollywood serving 14 stations. Six of the downtown stations are also served by the Purple Line.

Purple Line – This line travels from downtown to Mid-Wilshire and Koreatown serving eight stations. Six of the stations are also served by the Red Line.